Liriodendron : Tulip Tree

Where the road forks in Stanmer Park sits a truly magnificent tree Liriodendron more commonly known as a Tulip tree due to the shape of its flowers which can be up to 4cm in length. The flowers of this large, non native deciduous tree can appear anytime between May & July (this photo was taken 2015.06.22)

Liriodendron - the Tulip Tree at the fork in the main drive in Stanmer Park.
Pru Gridley
Liriodendron - the Tulip Tree in bloom
Pru Gridley

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  • In 1977 SPS opened a Tree Fund for the public to buy a tree for planting that Autumn or following Spring alongside the main drive. We have our certificate for tree No. 75. but can’t remember where ‘our’ tree is.

    By Peter Luckin (03/02/2022)

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