Souterrain, Stanmer Park, Brighton, May 11-20 2006

Souterrain was loosely based on Orpheus’ quest to rescue his dead wife Eurydice from the Underworld.

Up to 50 audience members per performance journeyed with him, following the action through a living stage that took in the whole village from the churchyard, farm buildings and hidden corners of Stanmer.

The villagers got together for a month before the performance to create the art work for the promenade theatre. Each house in the village had its own installation.

The project brought the village together listen to Linda here and Ann further down.



The audience were invited to add memories that after death they would like to take with them or to leave behind.


Soutterrain was a Wildworks project that involved “partnerships and performances in seven very different communities in Brighton, Hastings, Gosnay, Amiens, Colchester, Sotteville-les-Rouen and Cornwall.”

“Souterrain explored themes of love, loss and regeneration.” This resonated with Stanmer village,  where it premiered, who had said goodbye to their traditional farming industry. Please follow the links below to see more about the projects  from Wildworks :


The Guardian was invited to the premiere and gave it a good review  “the people of Stanmer Park have created installations in their front gardens; exquisite, gaudy shrines and pageants created from family memory. It is extraordinarily moving.” to read the full article please follow the link:


To view the performance there is an unedited video of snippets added together, see as the show starts in daylight and ends in the darkness. 

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