Rules for the Constitution of the Stanmer Preservation Society


    The name shall be the STANMER PRESERVATION SOCIETY.


    The boundaries of the Society shall be ….Stanmer Park and Parish as delineated on the attached map.


    The object of the Society shall be to improve, protect and preserve for the benefit of the public, the village of Stanmer and environs as delineated on the map, and for this purpose, but not otherwise, the Society shall:-

     (a) arouse, form and educate public opinion in order to ensure the promotion of the aforesaid objects.

     (b) make representations at public enquiries or in such other way as shall from time to time appear necessary and :-

     (c)  take such other lawful action as shall be calculated to promote the aforesaid object.


    There shall be three classes of membership that may be admitted upon such terms and conciliations as the Society may, from time to time, determine:-

      (a) INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: Individuals shall be eligible for membership subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the Society. This class may include junior membership at a reduced Rate of subscription.

     (b) FAMILY MEMBERSHIP which shall be entitled to two votes in ballots of the Society

     (c) CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP which shall be entitled to three votes in ballots of the Society.

          Applications and fees for this class of membership shall be individually assessed by the Executive Committee.


The officers of the Society shall be elected annually by the General Meeting of the membership, and shall consist of an Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary, Chairman and Vice-Chairman, and such other Honorary Officers as are necessary.


    (a) The Society shall be managed by an Executive Committee not exceeding 12 members, inclusive of the Officers, elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any casual vacancies pending the next Annual General Meeting. Members elected to fill such casual vacancies shall have the same voting rights as Executive Committee Members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Officers and other members of the Executive Committee shall have been members of the Society for a minimum of 12 months prior to election or co-option. The Officers shall be elected prior to the eight remaining Executive Committee Members

   (b) Subject to the provisions of these rules, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for transacting the general business of the Society and for the conduct and administration of the Society’s affairs.

   (c) The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint and dissolve such sub-committees as may be necessary. Both the Executive Committee and the sub-committee shall have the power to co-op or to invite the attendance of other persons whether Members of the Society or not. Such persons, if not being members of the Society, shall not have the power to vote. The Officers of the Society shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees.

   (d)The Executive Committee shall have  power to enter into agreements with other organisations for the formation of any joint Committees calculated to promote the Society’s objects.

   (e) The Executive Committee may incur such expenditure and employ such Officers and staff as may be necessary for promoting the objects of the Society.

   (f) Nominations for elections of Officers and the Executive Committee, which must be seconded, and agreed in writing by the nominee. Must reach the Secretary 10 days before the Annual General Meeting.

   (g) The Executive Committee shall meet at such times as shall be found necessary, but at least 6 times a year, not less than 14 days notice being given.

   (h) At any meeting of the Executive Committee 5 members shall form a quorum.


   Subscription rates for Members shall be as determined by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting, and be in force from the date of that meeting. The end of the financial year shall be 31st August each year.

8..THE GENERAL MEETING of the Society, of which 14 days notice in writing shall have been given to each Member, shall be held annually. A report of the previous year and Balance Sheet shall be sent to all Members. A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time subject to the notice to Members prescribed in this rule by the Chairman, the Executive Committee, or by 25 members of the Society.

9..MINUTES shall be kept of all meetings of the Society and Committees, and shall be submitted to the next meeting of the relevant Committee for confirmation and approval.


     Any of these rules can be rescinded, added to or altered at any General Meeting of the Society. 28 days notice of motions for the rescinding, supplementing or alteration of the rules shall be given to the Secretary, and 14 days notice of the proposed alteration shall be given to each Member of the Society. No rescission, addition or alteration shall be made which will cause the Society to cease to be a charity at law.


     If, at any time, it appears that the objects of the Society have been fulfilled or can no longer be achieved the Society may be dissolved with the concurrence of a two-third majority of those present at a special general meeting called for the purpose. Funds of the Society remaining after the satisfaction of all proper debts and liabilities, shall be transferred to the COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION OF RURAL ENGLAND, to be applied to its general charitable purposes.

NB: The Council for the Preservation of Rural England (CPRE), was established in 1926, as the guardian of the countryside, campaigning against threats to it.
In 1969 the name of the Council was changed to The Council for the Protection of Rural England to reflect a change in approach to its activities.
The name of the Council was again changed to The Campaign to Protect Rural England, aiming to promote the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and county.

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